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I’m a coffee loving Florida girl helping creatives take back their time and freedom with 1:1 consulting, business tools, and client workflow setups so they can be more productive and more profitable. Let's create the business you've always dreamed of!Welcome to my blog. Go ahead and look around. 

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How to Prevent Social Media Management Overwhelm

It feels like it’s strategize this, research that, post today, post every day, it can get overwhelming to keep up with your social media presence along with everything else on your plate.  Between posting another selfie, fishing for a repost, and wanting to give up on social media altogether, the overwhelm alone leaves you asking […]

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Social Media

How to Create Content Ideas for Your Service-Based Business

No more blank staring at your screen hoping, wishing, and praying for magical ideas to woo and wow your audience. Hooray! I’m talking about ideas for finding and creating social media (or blog) content for your service-based business. But before we get started I want to say something important because I sense a lot of […]

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3 Facebook Business Page Features for Converting Friendly Facebook Group Stalkers

  With algorithm changes and decreased reach we often forget about our Facebook business page as a source for capturing leads. Many female entrepreneurs are on Instagram and Pinterest as a big source of traffic and brand visibility, and of course, leads. We all need leads to grow a successful business and social media is […]

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Social Media

The Secret Tip to Overcoming Girlboss Burnout

  Are you a workaholic? Do you feel like you’re always working and now you’re always tired with brain clutter and and hardly any motivation? Well superwoman. It looks like you have a case of the burnout flu. It’s going around these days and it’s highly contagious. I’ve got the super secret cure that is […]

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4 Ways to Create Client Management Wow-Factor Using Dubsado

  I don’t know about you but I love me some Dubsado! Seriously. The only thing I love more than Dubsado is stumbling upon sweet little hacks when I’m just messing around with proposals and forms IN Dubsado. If you are a service-based entrepreneur, staying productive with a client management system is the way to go. […]

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5 Killer Tips for Social Media Success

  I know I recently talked about my favorite things to do in Facebook groups to stand out so you can attract clients but I’m itching to share more. Want to know my secrets to social media success that result in me getting bookings without a huge audience? Break out your pencil and paper because […]

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Social Media