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Set up systems & organize your back office with challenge-based trainings, templates, and accountability so you can harvest more freedom as you serve other business owners with ease.

You deserve more than being stressed all the time. You deserve more than burnout. You deserve more than being time-poor every single week. 

AND you dang sure deserve to embrace your why and live your life with the work-life balance you started your business for in the first place. 

You're a wave maker and bona fide game changer for your clients and you know that.  BUT for some reason working in your business feels so overwhelming. 

You're not working in your business to be a slave to your laptop, your email inbox, or tons of admin work. 

You're a rockstar service provider that serves other business owners but you're working way too hard. 

You just want to get your work done and live life to the fullest but,

you keep getting stuck in the cycle of:

Spending more time in your email inbox and on Zoom meetings  than getting your client work done and it makes you anxious.

Not having time to  build business connections and personal relationships because you're always working.

Drowning in client work doing everything yourself without systems, automation, or templates to work faster.

Feeling defeated every time you get a new lead because you feel like you can't take on anything else with the state of your biz.

Putting your back office projects & marketing tasks on the back burner because you never have time to work on your biz.

You'd be laughing with your friends, partner, kids and just enjoy yourself on your days off. #funtimes, #vacation

You'd be managing leads & client projects with your eyes closed because your systems & templates would be doing all the follow up.

I've been there and I know that struggle.

Just imagine what life would be like if you weren't working 24-7. 

You'd be building your team & stepping into your CEO role so you can step back to focus on the vision of your business.

You'd have the space & time to hit your wildest revenue goals and attract the type of clients that give you joy because you have time to market your business.

allow me to introduce 

An action-based membership community with a growing library of systems setup challenges, templates, accountability, and connection so you can organize your back office, manage your workload, and serve your clients with more ease. 

Enjoy all the perks of being an Organize Your Empire Member

You'll have instant access to step-by-step challenges that help you organize your, systemize, and elevate your brand so you can save time and manage your business tasks with more confidence and less stress. AND you can request & vote for new challenges to be added too!


Weekly co-working sessions give you 2 hours of dedicated work time and accountability to implement challenge action steps, customize templates to your brand, or work on client project work in a group setting.


Earn rewards for implementing challenges, posting in the hangout, and attending group sessions. Your actions are recorded in community analytics to reveal the community's top members. Prizes can include real PayPal cash, AirPods, Amazon gift cards and other cool goodies! 


Save time with our growing library of customizable templates to make automating your business that much faster! We're adding new templates from emails and Canva designs to Dubsado forms, Clickup templates, Airtable, and Zapier recipes.

Done For You Templates

Community favorite

Want to use the Canva design templates for your client work? As a member, you have a limited commercial use license so you can use the Canva design templates used in the membership for client projects too. 


Members also get the benefit of experiencing special pop up sessions with guest experts who will host discussions on topics from operations to marketing and finance so you can improve other departments in your business.


Members also get the benefit of experiencing one-on-one systems sessions with Krystal Clark at a members-only rate. That means you'll pay less for hands-on systems setup done with Krystal.

exclusive 1-1 session pricing

We’ll meet for a monthly group call so you can ask questions and get the clarity you need to implement challenges, master your systems, and elevate your services too. Yep. They will totally be recorded if you can't make it.

Live Q&A Calls

Community Favorite

This membership is for service-based entrepreneurs who serve other businesses.




Brand & Web Designers

Graphic Designers

Online Business Managers

Virtual Assistants

Marketing & Social Pros

Business Attorneys


Project Managers



*Disclaimer. This membership is new and content is still being built out in the community. New challenges & resources will be added quarterly.

This is totally for you if:

This is probably not for you if:

You're service based service provider that serves other businesses. 

You want to organize your back office for more ease & balance

You want to work in a group setting for accountability.

You want to work smarter & faster with systems & templates

You don't provide your services to other business owners.

You're an entrepreneur with a product-based business

You sign up for courses & programs but never show up

You're just want to download the templates and leave

Here are just a few things you'll be able to do with the challenges:

Master your work calendar so balance & self care is at the center of your business.

Take control of your inbox so you don't have to be distracted all day.

Refine your client experience so you can deliver services with a proven framework.

Streamline your client experience with templates & automation so you can complete projects faster.

Brand your business materials and more so you can stand out & achieve your goals.


quarterly payment of

You can't beat this price!

Your email inbox

You calendar for meetings & work time

Your client experience & client work tasks.

Other parts of your business for marketing, operations, and internal projects.

Organize Your Empire is how you transform the way you work when you organize: 

group co-working


action -based challenges

*Disclaimer. This membership is new and content is still being built out in the community. New challenges & resources will be added quarterly.

It's the best membership community out there to streamline your business. It includes a built-in accountability system through our community co-working sessions and progress reports.

The co-working sessions are designed to help you show up live and get the work of organizing your back end D-O-N-E. No fluffy meaningless sessions, not useless resources. Just cold-hard hands-on fun in a group format that empowers you to get results without breaking the bank.

I know you don’t want this to become another thing you pay for but never use.

hold up. wait a minute.

We'll uncover cool ways to use systems and tools like:

google docs


Google Cal







google drive


& more

Being chained to your laptop is not a life worth living. You started your business to have the freedom to do other things that you love. Getting organized can unchain you from your laptop and phone so you can actually enjoy life. 

You can enjoy the magic and joy of your work again. Burnout can disappear into thin air when your back office is  organized, systemized and automated.  Systems, templates, and automation can't help you if you keep putting the setup on the back burner. You have to do the work. 

You can easily get into your deep workflow, focus on revenue-generating tasks, and spend more time wowing existing clients when you have your business house in order.  -- But you have to get organized first.

Every time you put your systems and processes on the back burner, you are saying yes to wasting time on repeating tasks, being the bottleneck in your business, and continued time-starvation. That leads to burnout, my friend. Make it stop now. 

The “luxury” of off days or a vacation for self-care can be available to you. I’m talking about enjoying a pedicure without anxiety that something is going to fall through the cracks. I’m talking about taking your kids out for a little fun without looking at your phone once!

It's time to rise above the stress, time starvation, and never-ending burnout. 

hey friend! I'm Krystal!

I used to be chained to my laptop too. But I escaped!

A few years ago, I hit rock-bottom. I had bills piling up and I was months behind on my mortgage. I was working 24/7 with no time for my husband and daughter either. I was working a ton but I wasn't hitting my revenue goals because I didn't have the space to focus on revenue generating tasks. I just felt like a huge failure. 

I was so burned out I could barely focus on work because I was in a constant state of brain fog and anxiety.  No matter how hard I tried, work just didn’t feel good because I just couldn't get in the flow. I knew that there had to be more for me than the toxic relationship I had with my work. 

I decided that things really needed to change…so I dusted myself off, headed to the lab, and I organized the back end of my entire business. I organized and automated systems from my client experience to my file management systems and beyond. I did the work and it changed my life.

Now, I help service-based creatives like you, get organized so they can work with more ease, have more balance, and hit their goals.

I want  to help you put a huge dent in that workload that’s staring you down right now.

I know you’ve got all the things to do. There’s leads to respond to, proposals to send, reminders emails to send out…. And don’t even get me started on all of the other things in your business that you actually want to get around to; like having time to properly market your business, or work on your business strategy. Not to mention time to just enjoy life, right?

The truth is… you can’t do any of that without getting your back office under control first. Until you get organized, you’ll continue to drown instead of shine, friend.

Getting organized is how you get your freedom back to do what you’re passionate about. By organizing your empire you can forget about ‘all the things’, and focus on the things that move the needle in your business.


*Disclaimer. This membership is new and content is still being built out in the community. New challenges & resources will be added quarterly.

You've got a question. I've got an answer. let's see if it matches.

Frequently Asked

What is the time commitment?

Are the challenges self-paced?

The time commitment is totally based on your preferences. The weekly co-working sessions are 2 hours so you can attend to work and implement strategies. You can totally spend more time in the community if you like. Everything is set up so you can complete the challenges and take advantage of resources at your pace. 

Yes. They sure are! When you log into the membership a success path is laid out for you to follow so you can get organized with clarity. You can totally work through the success roadmap and each challenge at your own pace. Disclaimer. This membership is new and content is still being built out in the community. New challenges & resources will be added quarterly.

When are the calls & co-working sessions?

The co-working sessions will be on Thursdays from 10am-12pm eastern time. The Monthly office hour calls are once per month on the last Tuesday of the month from 1pm-2pm eastern.

Can I just download the templates and leave?

No one is stopping you but it wouldn't serve you well.  Running off with templates won't help you  get to the next level if you don't know how to implement the foundational strategies  they were built on. I recommend joining not only for the templates but for the clarity that comes with learning and implementing the strategies shared in the challenges by industry experts. Since  membership is paid on a quarterly basis, why not take advantage of the other member benefits? Plus, new templates will be added quarterly.

Will the calls & sessions be recorded?

Co-working sessions are not recorded to encourage you to show up and do the work. Since we'll all be working during that time, there's no reason to record dead space, right? Monthly office hour calls will be recorded and available for up to 1 year after its post date.   Guest pop ups will be recorded and available for paying members for the life of the membership.

Will I get lifetime access?

No. Access to all membership features are only provided while you are a paying member of the community. If you cancel your membership or if your membership is terminated due to failed payment, your membership access will be removed. 

Can I use the templates to help my clients get organized?

Yes. There is a limited commercial use license for all Canva design templates provided in the membership. Canva templates may be used for your client projects .Under the limited commercial use license, Canva templates may not be resold as your own templates for commerce, even if you've changed the colors or pictures. The limited commercial use license is only valid while you are a member which means that if you cancel or terminate your membership, you can no longer use the Canva templates for commercial use.  All other templates outside of Canva templates provided in the membership are for personal use only meaning, you can only use them for your business.  

Do I have to be a Dubsado user to join this membership?

Nope. This membership is all about organizing your empire with your favorite tools. Of course, we'll share some awesome tools but all the strategies taught in the membership can be adapted to  the software you like to use. You'll totally be able to seek recommendations for software if you don't have any favorites yet. 

What if I was in one of your past programs?

You should totally join.  I've compiled every resource I've ever created into this membership. But here's the kicker, I've broken the strategies all the way down into smaller challenges so you can implement strategies to get results faster. Plus, as a paying member,  co-working sessions allow you to have an on-going accountability network so you can be motivated by the group to get things done. Plus, if you've fallen off during a past program or want to revisit organizational strategies, this is the perfect opportunity to organize your empire with the new challenge format and all the other benefits of membership that you didn't get in a past program.

What's the investment to become a member?

The investment for membership is $297 per quarter which is charged in autopay fashion once you sign up. Membership includes all of the features listed here. Disclaimer. This membership is new and content is still being built out in the community. New challenges & resources will be added quarterly.

Can I cancel at anytime?

Yes but due to the nature of the resources provided virtually, there are no refunds after quarterly membership fees are paid.  As long as you cancel your membership subscription before your next automatic payment date, you're good to go. Canceling your membership means that you forfeit access of any remaining time between the time of cancellation and the next scheduled billing cycle. If you miss cancelling your membership and your next payment is automatically paid, refunds are not provided. Disclaimer. This membership is new and content is still being built out in the community. New challenges & resources will be added quarterly.

Are you ready to Organize Your Empire?

Remember why you started your business. It was about transforming your clients’ lives with real results. It was about standing in your power, skills, and know-how. It was about you having more time and balance for the things and people you love. It was about you bringing home consistent income so you could provide for your family.

You need the space in your workday to give more support to your clients for better transformations. You need balance for your family and self-care so you can stay out of burnout's grasp. You need time and space to not only work in your business but to be able to work on it too. You want consistent income, growth and the laid-back lifestyle that comes with success on your terms. Join the community to begin the transformation!

Manage your daily tasks in your favorite project manager like ClickUp so you know exactly what to focus on and when.



Save Time

Use time-saving templates that help you finish client projects, market your business, and elevate the design of your client facing materials so you can shine.



Master your email inbox and calendar so you can stay focused and get your work done without distractions or 24/7 meetings.



Systemize a client experience with your favorite CRM tool so you can wow your clients & leads without all the manual labor.


You can't move the needle in your business until you get your business house in order.