During my design sessions, I sifted through her portfolio for just the right images, and  spent hours creating forms that seamlessly matched her branding and website. 

After receiving her newly branded Dubsado forms and client portal, the first words in her email back to me were....

Now that Jevettra's Dubsado forms are branded, she feels more confident in how she presents her brand and her services to her clients at every step of the sale and the wedding planning process. . As clients shop around for wedding planners and sift through proposals, Avila Dawn Events stands out from everyone else in the market so she can land the sale. 

Send proposals that stand out from competitors in her market

Infuse her new brand elements into her client process so she could wow her clients.

Avila Dawn Events is a South Carolina based boutique event planning company specializing in weddings, events, design and coordination.

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the results are in...

When we started working together, Jevettra wanted to:

color palette

Avila Dawn Events

"I'm loving the forms!! They are wonderful."

This is more than just a mere workflow setup, darling!

When we're all done, you'll  have a streamlined, upscale client process that helps you save time & serve your clients better from start to finish. — wow-factor included.

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