After signing up for Dubsado, Rincey logged into Dubsado with no idea where to begin and she didn't have time to stop serving her clients to set up a system.  

She needed a workflow for each service offering so that she would not miss a beat serving her clients from lead capture all the way to off-boarding and getting client reviews.

We started with a workflow mapping call to get everything she does to serve her clients out of her head and into a workflow process decked out with Dubsado specific actions and automations.

We determined every task, form, scheduler template, or email she would need in both of her workflows and the Dubsado conditions for each of them.

After our first workflow mapping call, Rincey immediately emailed me and said...

After working with me, Rincey is excited about the big change her workflows are making in her business as she serves her clients with confidence knowing that she is not missing any tasks or steps in her client process. She can focus her efforts on serving and designing instead of feeling busy and stressed. 

Her client process is now one- of a kind, fully branded and cohesively matches her branding and website. She loves that she has the best of both worlds with her workflows because she has processes that are not just streamlined and organized, they're pretty too! 

Have a cohesively branded client experience that could impress her high-end clients in Dubai.

Serve her clients better without tasks falling through the cracks. 

Rincey Philip Interiors is a Dubai-based interior decorating firm. Rincey has a passion for stunning in-person design services and online design consultations for clients anywhere in the world. 

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after working with me:

When we started working together, rincey wanted to:

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Rincey Philip Interiors

"You have made a tedious (aka terrifying) task so much fun, coz I got to do it with you! ...Thank you for everything! I think you are both a left and a right brain genius, I do not know how you do it but I sure am glad that you do! "

This is more than just a mere workflow setup, darling!

When we're all done, you'll  have a streamlined, upscale client process that helps you save time & serve your clients better from start to finish. — wow-factor included.

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