If you had just a little more time to work ON your business, your dreams of an organized referral based business would finally come true, right? You’re overwhelmed, burned out, and in need of a workflow that’s both practical and pretty so you can get things done and wow your client’s socks off in the process.

Enter Dubsado.
It's that amazing magical unicorn of a client management tool that helps you get contracts signed, appointments scheduled, questionnaires completed, and most of all... invoices paid! It's that all-in-one CRM tool that can save your life with an automated workflow. While it's one of the most powerful tools on the planet, it can feel like a beast to set up!

Right about now, I'm thinking what you're thinking. You really want to get serious about your business and set up your workflows but you just don’t have the time to put your clients on hold while you work on your business.  Don't fret sweet girl!

I’m here to help you get more time, freedom, and more money with your Dubsado workflows so you can have the work-life balance you started your business for.  Can I get an Amen? 

o matter how many hours you work, you just can’t seem to make more money. No matter how hard you work, you're drowning and it feels like you just can’t seem to get it all done.  If you had an automated workflow, you could finally step away from your business and put your phone down for more than an hour without feeling anxious, right?

No matter how many hours you work you just can’t seem to make more money. No matter how hard you work if feels like you just can’t seem to get it all done. 

You’re overwhelmed, burned out, and in need of a workflow that’s both practical and pretty so you can be more productive and wow your client’s socks off. 


it always feels like there's no time for anything else but work.


You're dropping balls and forgetting client tasks during your client experience and the guilt of asking for a review or referral is killing you.--- and your business.

You feel frazzled every time you need to send a proposal or forget to send an invoice and it’s messing with your money!

You consistently wow your clients every step of the way because your workflow does the heavy lifting for you and makes every client feel special. Now you can't stop the referrals and rave reviews form pouring in.

You send gorgeous high-converting proposals in all of 2 minutes with a few clicks, and your system sends invoices and payment reminders for you. Cha-ching! 

You regularly take a day off to binge watch Netflix, take mid day naps,  go on Target runs, and spend time with family without looking at your phone to check on work. 

Working every second of the day is stealing your life and you’re tired of feeling like you're not enjoying the life you started your business for. 

The Before & After

change your life.

Right now:

after you work with me:

one workflow can change your life, my friend.

You’re not just going to have a workflow that unchains you from your desk; you’ll have a process that wows and turns clients into raving fans without spending hours in setup mode away from the people and things you love.

I’m here to help you get more time, freedom, and more money with your workflows so you can have the work-life balance you started your business for. 

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You’ve followed all the raves and praise to sign up for Dubsado and now the brain fog of setting up this magical machine is about to cause you a burnout breakdown.

With this service, you’ll have a fully branded and streamlined client management process that saves you time with built-in automation so you can run your business without overwhelming repetitive tasks. Don't even get me started on how you'll wow your client's socks off with your pretty process and gorgeous forms. Can we say "Hello referrals!"

The end game is about giving you the workflow of your dreams and you'll finally learn how to use Dubsado for your business too!

Investment: $ 1497 ($3397 Value)
+ $297 add-on per additional workflow

payment plans available

Time frame: 4-6 weeks

Here's what You're Getting:

A 2-hour workflow mapping session so we can lay the framework of your dream workflow. 

Full Dubsado setup including one streamlined workflow with built in automation so your process can do the heavy lifting for you.

Setup of appointment scheduler so your lead capture and appointment scheduling process is fully automated and gorgeously branded. 

Branding + design of your Dubsado forms, proposals, questionnaires, and canned emails so that everything you send your clients is gorgeously designed and on-brand. 

Surprise and delight client experience suggestions so your clients are wowed and excited to send you referrals.

Email + Loom video updates during process set up so you’re up to date on your set up process.  

1:1 recorded process walk-through call so you know the entire flow of your process from start to finish.

Custom how-to video so you never feel stuck training your team or managing your workflow tasks on your own.

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The Process: How it Works

We'll meet for a quick 30-minute discovery call to discuss the details of your Dubsado setup needs + get booked.

We'll meet for a workflow mapping call to map out your client workflows in Dubsado terms so that set up is a total breeze. 

The Krystal Clark Creative team gets to work on setting up your gorgeously streamlined workflow.

We'll meet on two recorded walk-through calls to make revisions and ensure everything is set up just right!





discovery call +  booking

Workflow Mapping Call

Workflow setup

walk-through calls

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Frequently Asked Questions

The process takes 4-6 weeks depending on the number of workflows needed, and the complexity of each workflow.

You'll need an established branding aesthetic along with your packages and what they include, your legally binding contract verbiage, and the questions you'd like to ask on your forms.

Yes! I sure will. I have a collaborative approach to creating canned emails  during our workflow mapping call so that you can give me insight on what each email should include. 

Heck yeah they will!  Dubsado form design is my specialty, I ensure that your Dubsado forms have wow-factor and match your brand aesthetic flawlessly!

how long is the setup process?

What do I need in place for you to help me set up my workflows in dubsado?

will you assist me with writing copy for canned emails?

will my forms be pretty too?

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This is more than just a mere workflow setup, darling!

When we're all done, you'll  have a streamlined, upscale client process that helps you save time & serve your clients better from start to finish. — wow-factor included.

begin your experience

"I'm loving the forms!! They are wonderful."

benefits of this investment: 

Jevettra is a talented wedding pro with a passion for luxury events and memorable client experiences.  Now that her Dubsado forms are branded,  she can wow her clients at every step of her sales and service process.

You finally get to present the memorable experience that converts more clients and get more free time in the process.  But it doesn't end there. Did I mention that she can re-purpose all her design templates into social graphics and more?

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"She did all the heavy lifting - and went above and beyond what I expected - so I could focus on my business. It was worth every cent I paid. "

macey Miller

you deserve this!

Believe it because it's true! You deserve:

To feel more accomplished instead of busy and burned out.

More time, freedom and money to focus on family and fun.

A productive workflow that is practical, pretty, and profitable.

Happy clients and more referrals!

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