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I help service providers organize their digital back office operations with systems and workflow automations so they can stress less & live more.


i'm krystal Clark.

systems setup 



It feels like you're working WAY too hard to run your business. But we can fix all that with my proven framework to Organize Your Empire®.

From your calendar and email inbox to your filing system and your notifications, you've got to organize yourself as the CEO first so you know where to start, how to take action, and where to find your files as you work each day.


Imagine life with time-saving email templates, branded client-facing materials, SOPs, and internal business hubs that help you serve clients, manage internal projects, and intentionally delegate with more ease. You'll love having a ready to use templates and dedicated spaces for projects and business data.

With a clear plan of action, you'll take the guess work out of what workflows you need, how your process should flow, what templates to create, and what software to use. With this part of the framework, we can simplify your offers, map out your workflow(s) and create your workflow strategy in a single source of truth.




asset creation


After assets are created for your brand, we can set up rinse-and-repeat workflows from scratch or refine your existing ones so you can do less admin work, finish projects faster, and focus more on getting results for your clients (and yourself). 

tech setup


Cherry pick your experience based on where you are in your systems journey. 

Choose your experience.

A Structure Session is a 2-hour done-with-you experience designed to help you create an organized foundational structure for your workdays so you can be more productive and less overwhelmed. During a Structure Session, we could do any of the following:

Declutter your calendar with intentional time blocks.

Organize your inbox with labels & templates.

Organize Your Project Management Software with organized spaces, lists, folders for your tasks

Fix Your Filing System with an organized folder structure.

Decrease distractions and increase focus with productivity best practices. 

Structure Sessions


With this 2-hour experience, we can focus on determining each element of your systems strategy so you know what workflows you need, how your process should flow, what assets to create, and what software to use.  During a strategy session, we could:

Simplify your offers to maximize your automation options.

 Map out workflow steps, identify recurring internal tasks, and determine what assets (or internal team templates) you need to prepare for tech setup and automation.

Choose system that align with your business based on your mapped out processes.

Uncover best practices and ideas for your business as you pick my brain Q&A style & MORE

Strategy Sessions


Hire our team to customize an asset purchase so you can implement your purchase in as little as one 2-hour session. You'll provide your brand colors, fonts, images, and related copy, then we'll handle the customization for you!  During an asset customization session, we could:

Customize canned email templates from our shop with your business details

Customize Canva designs and redirect pages from our shop with your brand colors, brand fonts, brand images, and business info.

✓ Customize PDFs templates & guides from our shop with your brand colors, brand fonts, brand images, and business info.

✓ Customize proposal & form designs from our shop with your brand colors, brand fonts, brand images, and business info.

Asset Customization Sessions


Through our installation sessions, our team provides done-for-you installation and setup of automations mentioned in our accompanying instructional videos. That's right! We'll help you implement a systems template purchased from our shop in as little as one 2-hour session. During an installation session we could help you:

✓ Install & setup Zapier automation recipes from our shop.

Install our Airtable Support Ticketing System with all the client support email automations that go with it.

 Install our Airtable Project Date Planner and calculate all of your project start dates for you for the entire year. 

✓ Install our Airtable Call & Videos Hub to Track Scheduled Meetings & Call Recordings with all of the Zapier automations that go with it!


Tech Installation Sessions


From inquiry to off-boarding and beyond, I can help you Organize Your Empire® with tools like:












& more

Here's and how all goes down.

the process is simple. 


First, you'll book your 2-hour session and make payment to hold your date. You'll be able to share what you'd like to focus on during our session when you book so we can get to work as soon as the session begins.



During the first 15 minutes of the session, we'll log into your systems and discuss your goals. From there, I'll provide strategic consulting or done for you implementation based on the session you've book. 



Once our session is complete, I'll send you a recap of what we covered along with the call recording and action steps so you can further implement and practice what we accomplished together.



As you tackle different workflows or use cases for systems in your business, you're welcome to book new sessions as you need them. PLUS, we quarterly giveaways for existing clients and shop customers for special offers at low or no cost.


Krystal delivers so much more than she advertises. Krystal is incredibly focused and perceptive. When she builds you a custom CRM, she notices what /you/ and /your/ clients need. Even if you're not very good at expressing what that is! Since my workflows went live, my revenue has skyrocketed. I am better able to meet my client’s needs - and I’m able to take on more clients. I feel confident and prepared at every stage of a matter, from intake to invoicing. I love knowing that my weaknesses are being taken care of by my automations.

My CRM lets me spend my days focused on my strengths - talking to clients, researching their legal issues, and solving their problems!

- Katherine, Trademark Attorney

my revenue has skyrocketed!

what  brand & web designers say...

what brand photographers say...

Krystal is supremely organized and what she delivered was even more than what I was initially envisioning. Rather than stopping at the on-boarding process, Krystal also helped me automate some tasks in the fulfillment, communication, and off-boarding of my service! She tackled a very complex connection using Zapier that gave me even more time.

She literally gave me an employee that's working for me 24/7! I cannot wait to work with her again on my other services and have recommended her far and wide.

- Mariana, Brand & Web Designer


what attorneys say...

what brand photographers say...

I'm so glad I hired Krystal to help me streamline my business and improve my Dubsado workflows and systems. I had become so busy in my business that I was constantly falling behind and failing to do the things I knew needed my attention on the back-end to set myself up for success. I couldn't do it all anymore and I was looking for relief and improvement. Not only did she help me beautify my forms, emails, and workflows -- she also helped me reimagine some of the tasks I was doing manually so that I could free up more of my time for the things that really mattered and make my life all around easier. She combined my multiple calendars into one and taught me things I didn't even know Dubsado could do. But my favorite part is that now I have confidence in my system and all the forms that are client-facing. My clients are still well-taken care of and now I'm more taken care of too! She basically saved me from myself. Thank you so much!

- Alicia, Brand Photographer


what  brand & web designers say...

what attorneys say...

I serve service providers who want to build sustainable systems with long-lasting benefits.




Brand & Web Designers

Graphic Designers

Online Business Managers


Marketing & Social Pros

Business Attorneys


Brand Photographers


this is for you if:


You have at least one signature offer with a clear end result.

You have a professional looking brand and website.

You're looking for a quick fix, to solve your systems woes.

You want to invest in carefully crafted systems that have long-lasting, sustainable benefits.

You don't offer services as service provider.

You don't have a professional looking brand and web design.

You've been in business less than 2 years.

You're not willing to invest and do the work it takes to benefit from systems. 

Book your one-on-one session ⟶ 

Feeling like you never actually get any work done because you're constantly in meetings or distracted by emails that pop into your inbox all day.

Feeling anxious and overwhelmed each day because your project tasks are all over the place and you can't ever seem to get into the flow of deep work.

Create a distraction-proof schedule and organized inbox so you know exactly how to start, stay focused, and accomplished more without stress.

Organize your tasks with integrated automation and  reusable templates so you can get more done without feeling overwhelmed.

Create automations that work for you so you can just work in your zone of genius and enjoy more life while your systems work for you.

Organize your back office on the spot so you can practice what you preach and wow your clients with systems as your sidekick.

Feeling totally defeated because you're drowning in client work, you're strapped for time, and every time you try to setup systems or automations, your brain breaks. 

Feeling like a fraud because you can easily tell your clients what they need to do for their business but you can't seem to get your systems together for yourself.

right now, you're:

Let me help you:

It's not too late to get back on track, organize your systems, or reignite your passion. 

You know you could be working smarter and completing projects faster, but somehow every time you try to set up systems to help you do that, things just don't seem to come together. 

Frequently Asked Questions

you may be wondering about some things

No. Since the session deliverables are provided on demand at the time of the session. The session fee is due in full at the time of booking.  This experience is so worth the investment. 

Yes, there are people out there that setup systems in a shorter time frame and at lower rates, but NO ONE, and I mean NO ONE can do systems like I can with the level of innovation that I can give. Feel free to ask around. 

For structure sessions, asset customization, and installation sessions, you'll need Log-ins to related systems and software, and your visual brand files(logos, colors, font files, etc). 

For strategy sessions, just bring yourself and your questions. Feel free to share your main goal in our routing form and we'll route you to right session type based on your needs. 

Sessions are 2 hours long to ensure a quick turn around time so you can get back to serving your clients with clarity, and in some cases a new shiny asset or resource to use as you serve them.

All sorts of systems! We can organize your Google Email, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Dropbox, Airtable, Clickup, Dubsado, Zapier, Flodesk, Docketwise and more.

This experience is a holistic, best-in-class approach to organizing your back office so I like to help you choose the right systems and set them up for you based on your service offerings using my Organize Your Empire® Framework.
Strategy is included with strategy sessions and structure sessions. Setup is included with installation sessions, and design or asset customization is included with an asset customization session. No matter the session type, we'll always provide helpful recommendations. Feel free to share your main goal in our routing form and we'll route you to right session type based on your needs. 

Yes! We provide software recommendations and collaborative software research during our strategy sessions. We do this based on your service offerings so  you can select the right tools for your business in respect to how you need to lead and serve. 

Yes! We can. We're happy to customize any hub template you've purchased form our shop. We have hub templates for you to track your brand assets, sales, client support requests, content, testimonials, project dates, and more! Plus, we setup the recommended automations when you book an installation session! 🤩

Yes! Project management software organization is something we can do during a structure session. During your session, we'll go into your project management software and organize your spaces, folders, and lists so that everything is easy to navigate and understand. Plus, we're happy to add project templates in there for client projects too if time allows. 

We sure do. We can customize canned email templates, on-brand proposals and contracts, client guides, redirect web pages, questionnaires, forms, and more from our shop! We'll spend time on design and customization while you chill or focus on your clients. Just book an asset customization session, and we'll provide 2 hours of design or customization time.  Don't worry. We work fast!

Of course, if you need help implementing your asset(s) with automation or tech setup for your workflow, our installation sessions are perfect!

YES! If you need help implementing your workflow asset(s) with automation or tech setup for your workflow, our installation sessions are perfect! We'll install or implement any resource you've purchased from our shop. 

For example, we could setup our Zap Recipe to automate the creation of your client folders in Google Drive after clients have booked services with you.

We could also setup automation & emails included without support ticketing system template as well. 

Yes! When we complete asset customization or installation we provide a recording of our session so you have an step-by-step replay of what we accomplished together. For installation sessions, we'll also test out what we set up on screen during the session so you know exactly how everything works.  

Yes! We offer custom done-for-you setups through our Signature Systems Experience, but we're currently booked out. Please join the waitlist to be notified when this service opens back up for booking. 

Ready to start doing business on your terms?

Wake up to chill mornings and easy work days using the power of systems and workflow automation. Let's organize your back office so you can feel good about your business again. 

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