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I help service providers organize their digital back office operations with systems and workflow automations so they can stress less & live more.


i'm krystal Clark.

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Click on each category button below to access  resources based on my 4-step Organize Your Empire® Framework so you can set up systems and tools that help you stress less and live more.  

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real talk

"I no longer have inbox related anxiety. In fact I look FORWARD to doing my inbox work each day because it's so dang organized."

"New inbox, who dis?"

- kat

"I love that you don't just show us the basic setup but also the reasons for more detailed columns and why they would be important."

"OMG! You are amazing."

- christine

Airtable offer Organizer Template

Your service offering could be sabotaging your automation efforts. Refine your services in a single source of truth so you can automate time-consuming aspects of your services.

elevate your service sales page workshop

Elevate your service sales page with must have details so you can inspire website lurkers and prospective clients to connect and book a sales call with you!

Workflow Mapping & Strategy Workshop

Map out your workflows, plan out workflow assets needed, and develop your workflow strategy so you can setup systems with ease. Canva workflow mapping template and workflow strategy doc included.





step 4: Workflow & Tech Setup

Set up rinse-and-repeat workflows from scratch or refine your existing ones so you can do less admin work, finish projects faster, and focus more on getting results for your clients (and yourself). Use the resources below to set up tech and workflows for your business. This section looks a little light but that's because we included so many automation templates with our asset templates in step 3.  We'll be adding more resources here soon!

Tech Setup


As an affiliate of the resources mentioned below,  I get a small commission whenever a purchase is made using the links provided. It doesn’t cost you anything extra to use my link and in some cases, it may even cost you less. Yay for savings! 

Software & Tools I Love to Use

my favorite things

I use Airtable as my CRM, content planner, sales log, project date planner, support ticketing system, membership data hub, and so much more. 


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From apps like Google Calendar to Google Docs, and an email address that bears my brand domain, Google Workspace has a suite of tools I use daily.


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Calendly is my meeting appointment scheduler. It has made meeting scheduling a breeze and their Google Chrome extension makes accessing my meeting links super easy.


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Zapier is the glue that holds all of my systems together. It makes all of my systems talk to each other so that I can automate tasks across different systems at once. -- even if they don't natively integrate together.


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I use Circle to manage my membership community. I can host live online events, share my membership trainings, and have a facebook like community interactions without Facebook!


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Flodesk is my favorite tool for email marketing. It's easy to use and the emails I create in Flodesk are always so beautiful and on brand. It's the only email marketing tool I've used that actually makes me enjoy writing emails. 


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I use Canva to design social media graphics, client facing materials I create for my clients' systems setups, and more. With Canva, you can also create websites, landing pages, and schedule social media posts to social media and Facebook groups too!


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ThriveCart is my checkout page tool for selling my membership and service offerings. With ThriveCart, I'm also able to create a robust affiliate programs for each of my offers to generate revenue.


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Loom allows you to record quick videos of your screen and camera. Once you record your video, your videos are instantly ready to share and watch. It's a tool I use every single day and cuts down on the emails I have to write to clients. If a client asks a question, I can just record a loom video instead.


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Easily manage clients, send contracts, take payments, send questionnaires, create workflows and even track leads in this easy-to-navigate program. It’s super customizable and can be a TOTAL game changer if you prefer an all in one tool. Did I mention that the forms you can design with Dubsado are drop dead gorgeous?


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Dub-ins creates stunning and premium Dubsado form templates for a seamless client experience. Dub-ins code snippets are so easy to implement, you’ll wish you hadn’t spent hours trying to figuring it out yourself. Stop wasting your time on courses and focus on what you do best.


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Design your website on the Canva of website platforms... Showit! Showit is a drag-and-drop website platform that provides total creative freedom over the layout and design of your website, all without a single line of code.


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