Systemize Your Superpower

A live-taught Dubsado setup group program for service-based entrepreneurs who want to organize their back end & serve their client with more ease.

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ou don't have to be chained to your desk anymore or clone yourself to make it happen. You've got a kick butt signature service, clients to wow, a business to run, and you're totally strapped for time with little for yourself -- or anything else.

You know how to get your clients amazing results, but when it comes to handling the day to day details in your business, everything feels a mess. Tasks are falling through the cracks and understandably so because there’s just so much to do. You know you need workflows in place but it just feels like you don't have the space or know-how to do use systems the right way.

I know you're sick of manually creating meh proposals from scratch after consultations and let's admit it,  you're not excited to send them so are your clients excited to receive them? 

I know you’re writing the same emails to follow up with clients over and over again. If you're honest, that's getting old fast. 

I know you're burning out working almost 7 days a week trying to keep all your clients happy and updated just like I know it's been ages since you took a day off.  

I know the overwhelm you feel trying to peel yourself from your computer to cook dinner or do laundry when you have a 'laundry list' of things to do in your business. You're not trying to be a workaholic. You're just trying to make some progress. 

I know you started your business not just more freedom, but to build a legacy for your family. But,  you're not feeling very free are you?

Setup Dubsado workflows so you can work ON your business, impress your clients, and take a day off for yourself too.


ou don't have to be chained to your desk anymore or clone yourself to make it happen. You've got a kick butt signature service, clients to 

wow, a business to run, and you're totally strapped for time with little for yourself -- or anything else.

 You know how to get your clients amazing results, but when it comes to handling the day to day details in your business, everything feels a mess. Tasks are falling through the cracks and understandably so because there’s just so much to do.

A way to deliver a client experience that wows your leads to clients and your clients to raving fans who refer you time and time again.  --- but without burning out or working 24/7.

A high converting booking process with branded proposal(s) that you're proud to send in all of 2 clicks instead of building them out from scratch for 2 hours. 

Automation that does all the heavy lifting, follows up with clients for you, and is so "like you" that your clients would never know you were out for brunch with your besties.  

The power of organized systems and workflows can completely transform the way you work, give you tools to wow your clients, free up your time for a day off, and even -- gasp, go on a vacation. 

This is how you get your freedom back, to do what you’re passionate about, helping your clients with your signature offer.  By systemizing your superpower you can forget about ‘all the things’, and focus on that one thing that keeps clients coming in…. But you know that. I don't have to tell you do I? --- You just don't know how to do it right. 

Every time you try to even touch Dubsado you get stuck somewhere between completely frustrated and down-right overwhelmed. 

You don't what to keep struggling to get your workflows set up. You just want:

Emails, Questionnaires, and templates that save time and make serving clients 10x easier. 

That's my reality everyday and I want that for you too.

It just feels like you need a little bit of grace and a whole lot of help. am I right?

You can ESCAPE  that constant overwhelm but your workflows need a make over, friend...

Systemize Your Superpower

allow me to introduce...

The live-taught Dubsado setup group program that will help you get organized workflows in place so you can  to stand in your CEO-dom and stop feeling like an overworked employee. Setting up your workflows using the power of Dubsado is how you get rid of all the chaos, and begin to build a whole new work-life balance.

The truth is YOU have a way that you do things, which brings so much success for your clients. But here’s the truth… Until you systemize that thang, you’ll continue to drown instead of shine, friend.


Systemize Your Superpower is how you ESCAPE overwhelm, find freedom, and scale to new heights.

It's actually getting a full night's rest without your mind racing in panic because there's so much on your plate. 

It's actually closing your computer at 5:00pm on the dot because your clients are automatically updated and your workflows are working for you. 

It’s how you guarantee your growth by letting that “You-Ness” shine through the way you serve.

It’s your leads booking you, the minute they see your proposal because your booking experience makes them feel heard, understood, and special.

It's invoicing, payment reminders, and payments done for you as you shop in Target.

It's sent-for-you forms and follow-up emails that 'stand in as your assistant' so you can work without interruptions.

It's you, not longer being the bottleneck in your business.

Don’t even get me started on taking a real vacation or the rave-worthy results you will deliver, because your entire process is freeing you to focus on fulfilling your service with ease. All the joy of referrals pouring in without any pressure because you’ve Systemized Your Superpower. Yay for consistent income, freedom, and more ease.

Yes Krystal. Sign me up!


Being chained to your desk is not a life worth living. You started your business to prioritize freedom to do other things that you love. Solid workflows can unchain you from your laptop and phone so you can actually enjoy life

You can enjoy the magic and joy of your work again. Burn out can disappear into thin air when your workflows do the work for you.

Workflows can increase your income because you won’t be dropping the ball and forgetting tasks. You’ll be spending your time wowing your clients into raving fans all while in your zone of genius. Plus you’ll have time for other revenue generating tasks in your biz.

You don’t have to spend hours of valuable time creating proposals, and writing the same emails. Templates and automation will give you your time back.

The “luxury” of off days or a vacation for self care can be available to you. I’m talking enjoying a pedicure without anxiety that something is going to fall through the cracks. I’m talking about taking your kids to the pond to feed the fish in peace without looking at your phone once!

Here's a few secrets I want to fill you in on...






Managing your clients can be simple if you have a system. 

hey love! I'm Krystal!

I manage my clients with ease. Every single day.

Four years ago, I ran my business manually. I believed that the only way to do things was manually myself. I was working for my business instead of in my business. The result was me struggling month to month to get work done and make a decent income. I knew deep down that I could do so much more and so much better for myself.

I took on every client that inquired for my services because I had to, it didn’t matter if they were the right fit for me or not. I needed the money, and they needed the work done; it seemed simple. I worked so much that I barely spent time with my family. Then, I hit rock-bottom; bills piling up, my child still needing me, and yet so burned out I could barely work or focus because at that point I was in a constant state of brain fog.

I decided that things really needed to change.

So, I identified what I like to call the “The Superpower Zone.” It’s that place where being in my zone of genius made my service stand out. Then, I began to build an entire system around my superpower. My goal was simple... to pursue freedom in my business, all while growing my revenue.

I started by creating my signature offer; as you’ve done, then I focused on building a system around it. The end result has consistently been higher-grossing revenue in my business, healthier family finances, more time with my family, happy clients, and referrals coming in like crazy! -- Like seriously, friend… I can’t stop them. 

Now, I help service-based creatives like you, find freedom, balance, and growth through the power of workflows with my ESCAPE method.

​In 7-weeks, I’ll help you create a client experience like no other, organize your back-end processes, and set you up to have your highest revenue yet with your signature offer --- with your eyes closed.


We will begin by your signature service to ensure that both you and your clients know all the deliverables, policies, and boundaries. This is the first crucial step in Systemizing your superpower.

Review your signature service; listing out your deliverables, policies, boundaries, and expected client results.

Setting up your Packages, Add-ons & Creating your Payment Schedules

Gathering your Client Testimonials

Listing FAQs for your Service

Setting Up a Contract for the Service

Listing out the General Phases of Executing your Service based on Line items

week 1

xamine your signature service

We'll Cover:

Here's how it all goes down using my ESCAPE method. 

AT 6:00PM EST w/ replay available


You'll learn how to setup a well-round inquiry management process in Dubsado so that you can automate lead responses, book consultations, and track the status at a glance without lifting a single finger. No really.

Capturing leads with or without a website using Dubsado Lead Capture forms. 

Consultation scheduling & meeting reminders automation

Managing new leads through follow up emails & project statuses

Managing consultation no-shows with ease.-- Yep. I already have the workflow figured out for you!

week 2

treamline inquiry management

We'll Cover:

AT 6:00PM EST w/ replay available


You'll learn how to build out gorgeous proposals in Dubsado and we'll also create an automated process for following on proposals so prospective clients will be moved to become paying clients. Yay for no more money being left on the table.

On-brand, personality-popping proposals that convert new leads to paying clients. --- fab Canva templates included.

Automatically following up on proposals when clients don't book immediately.

Managing the booking process at a glance with project statuses

week 3

reate a stunning booking experience.

We'll Cover:

AT 6:00PM EST w/ replay available


Here you'll learn how to create an on-boarding process that allows you to welcome your clients, communicate your boundaries, and gather information you need to get the job done. I’ll also teach you to build tasks associated with your deliverables right into your workflow.

Welcome Guide & Client Portal Setup

Gathering Client & Project Information with Forms 

Your Fulfillment Tasks: To-Dos, Automated Check-Ins, Client Approvals pertaining to Line Items & Deliverables

Executing Your Service and Fulfilling Deliverables using Dubsado & ClickUp

Dividing your Project into Stages of Fulfillment with Dubsado’s Project Statuses Feature.

Automation with Zapier, Google Drive  Dropbox, and  your project manager.

week 4 & week 5

utomate & organize client onboarding & fulfillment

We'll Cover:

WEDNESDAY, June 1 & 8
AT 6:00PM EST w/ replay available


Off-boarding is an important aspect of your client experience after the project is finished. This is how you evaluate how you did with your service fulfillment and pitch your new raving fan to receive referrals. We’ll deep dive into off-boarding clients as well as how to get reviews, client feedback, and client referrals.

Create a client support management process using Dubsado & ClickUp

Off-boarding Task Setup in Workflow

Wrapping Up Your Project and What Emails to send out

Getting Client Feedback using Forms

Invite Clients to Your Referral Program using Dubsado.

week 6 & 7

repare a process for strategic off-boarding

We'll Cover:

WEDNESDAY, June 16 & 22 AT 6:00PM EST w/ replay available


This program is jam-packed with tons of templates to help you brand and design your forms, client portals, and more. --- even if you don't have a creative bone in your body. Did I mention you wont have to learn code?

How-to customize Canva templates and  design stunning, high-converting proposals that match your branding.

Branding your client portal to match your Dubsado forms. 

Using Dubsado Pro tips to designing your forms layouts with integrated Dubsado features.

Designing custom forms and proposals that match your website without code.


levate your experience with good design

We'll cover:

There are templates galore in this program. Yay for saving time on your setup.


Systemize Your Superpower is the best program out there to streamline your signature service into an organized client process.

And, I know you're worried, about this being another program that you purchase but never get done.

You're looking for accountability as well as a spark for your creativity.

Systemize Your Superpower is a hands-on ‘Show You How” Group Program. I'll be using a live training format which ensures that you're actually showing up and getting the work done throughout the 6 weeks.

You're a busy creative too, so this program will hit the nail on the head, none of all that fluff crap. Instead, I focus on empowering you to do the work and get results instead of this program collecting dust on your digital shelf of other programs you’ve purchased.


enough! I'm in, krystal!

We’ll meet weekly on Wednesday nights at 6pm eastern as I teach you how to set up your client process in Dubsado with some Click Up tips too. I’ll teach concepts, share my screen, and give direct instructions for setup. PLUS, each session will be recorded and added to the course 24 hours after each session so you can come back to the material at any time to build out new processes for new services again and again! 

Each Tuesday at 6pm eastern we'll meet to actually work on your Dubsado setup as a group. You'll also get your questions answered about each week's live training topic with built-in Q&A time. The goal is to ensure that you understand the content taught by asking for clarification on any areas of confusion. The LIVE Q&A sessions will also include the opportunity to screen share your setup for me to take over your screen so I can give direction, lovingly critique, or just to celebrate your progress. 

6 Live Training Sessions

6 Live Co-working + Q&A  Calls

What's Included:

In addition to canned email templates, I'll share my Canva design templates so you can add wow to your Dubsado proposals and forms even if you’re not creative. In other words, it's not just about functionality, and ease, but also making everything pretty too! Did I mention ClickUp? I'll share access to my ClickUp templates that I've already tried and tested so you can take your project fulfillment to the next level of awesome too.

Now we’ve got to have a place for you to share your wins and ask questions, right? We’ll do all that and more within a private Facebook community for all participants of this group program. I'll share more nuggets of wisdom within the group throughout the program. Plus, I’ll be giving away surprise bonuses and rewards to keep you working on the program with accountability along the way too!

Templates Galore

Pop Up Facebook Group

Surprise Bonuses worth $500.

Does your calendar feel completely cluttered with too many client projects? 

When you have too much client work there's no time for working ON your business, or self-care time for YOURSELF. That's why I created this Project Availability Planning Mini-Course complete with a ClickUp Availability Planner Template to help you plan your client project availability in advance based on your revenue & self-care goals! You get access as a Systemize You Superpower student at no additional cost!

Kickstart your workday by waking up on the productive side of the bed! You've got a mountain of work and you're so stressed, you have no idea where to begin.  Use my how-to video and clickup daily kickstart routine so that you know how to manage your daily tasks using Clickup but you can always recreate this list in your favorite project management tools like Asana, Trello, Monday... even Google Tasks.

Set your  boundaries  and educate clients about how you work with a warm welcome. Yeah so, if clients keep emailing you, asking what's next in the process, sending you things to do on Instagram DMs, and just not respecting your boundaries, it's time to get them in line from the beginning with a Client Welcome Guide. Training videos are included plus BONUS Canva designs & client onboarding email templates too!

Bonus 1: ClickUp Availability Planner

Bonus 2: daily kickstart routine


Who is this for?

Virtual Assistants


Coaches & Educators


Social Media Managers



Creative Solopreneurs


Graphic Designers


Brand & Web Designers

systemize your superpower is for:

Systemize Your Superpower is for service-based creatives with at least one signature service.

It's perfect for you if you're looking to reduce the overwhelm of your day to day client management tasks with a seamless workflow that takes your client experience a notch higher.

It's for time-starved service-based creatives looking to bring order into their disorganized back end so they can serve clients with ease, save time, and know where everything is.

It's perfect for service-based creatives that would love to work with me one-on-one but it seems like it’s just not in the cards for you in terms of time or finances.

This program is the ‘Show You How & Give You the Tools’ version of my one-on-one Dubsado setup intensive. This group program allows you to get the same results without the price tag.

Let me help you take your workflows from messy and plain to organized, productive, and pretty in just 6 weeks.

why you can trust that i'll give you value...

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the program?

What do I need to have in place before the program starts?

What platforms do I need?

What if I have more than one signature service.

Do you have a payment plan?

Can I sign up for the program anytime?

The must-have tech is Dubsado, and Google Drive or Dropbox. ClickUp & Zapier play an important role in automating the client process, so while they're optional, they are still great to have.

How long is the program?

What do I need to have in place before the program starts?

What platforms do I need?

What if I have more than one signature service.

Do you have a payment plan?

Can I sign up for the program anytime?

You can easily build client processes again and again as you revisit the material and training provided in this program. That means you can create workflows for another offer or service too.