A 2-hour hands-on systems setup experience where I provide consulting to strategize through your systems needs. I can also support with implementation of your systems setup project or your project management system on the spot. It's a done-with-you approach to streamlining your business so you can start experiencing the benefits of systems faster. 

Organize Your Empire™️ & setup your systems together during a Systems Session

You're feeling tied down by emails, meetings, client work, and internal projects. Plus, a little bit of everything else aside from the guilt you feel because it seems like you're always working.

Every time you manage a client or work on a task, you're reminded of the plans you made to setup systems and reclaim your freedom but it just never happens.  Every time you stuff your back office into your business junk drawer you feel yourself falling deeper and deeper into a work hole. 

You want to be free to work creatively, focus on self care and be present for the people you love but you just don't have time.

What if you could just get your work done, close your laptop at 5pm and go enjoy life the way you intended?

You CAN! You just need to harness the power of systems and productivity. I’m here to help you do just that!

hen you became an entrepreneur, you didn't sign up for stressful workdays chained to your desk. You started your business to live a life of freedom, not be attached to overwhelm by the hip.

hen you became a solopreneur, you didn't sign up for stressful workdays full of inbox overwhelm and paralyzing confusion. You started your business for freedom.

systems sessions aren't just talking about systems

We set things up and fix messy systems right on the spot, together.


Feeling like you never actually get any work done because you're constantly in meetings or distracted by every email that pops in your inbox. 

Feeling anxious and overwhelmed each day because your project tasks are all over the place and you can't ever seem to get into the flow of deep work.

Create a distraction-proof schedule and organized inbox so you know exactly how to start your day and  take action on correspondence without sacrificing your productivity. 

Choose the best systems for you AND organize your tasks with integrated automation so you can get more done without feeling overwhelmed.

Create automations that work for you so you can just work in your zone of genius and enjoy more life while your systems work for you.

Organize your back office on the spot so you can practice what you preach and wow your clients with systems as your sidekick.

Feeling totally defeated because you're drowning in client work, you're strapped for time. and every time you try to setup systems or automation, your brain breaks. 

Feeling like a fraud because you can easily tell your clients what they need to do for their business but you can't seem to get your systems together for yourself.

right now, you're:

Let me help you:




setup systems & processes






streamline your filing system

elevate your scheduling

Create & design templates

so you have complete clarity about your framework & how you'll deliver your services. --even if you offer system setups too.

so you can work in your zone of genius while tasks are magically done for you without manual labor.

with integrated automation so you can work seamlessly, save time, and focus on the things that matter to you.

so we can setup systems with complete clarity and a streamlined process roadmap.

with labels, automations, and boundaries so you can easily get to inbox zero without stress or distractions.

with time-blocking and meeting availability so you can balance meetings, client work, & life with more ease.

 and automations that best align with your business needs, offers, and goals.

setup so you can easily complete projects and tasks with integrated automation and a streamlined work space.

in Google Drive, Dropbox, Canva, Loom, and more so you can locate your files and get work done faster without spending hours in search mode.

so your appointment scheduling experience is branded, seamless and completely organized.

for client or team facing materials so you can wow clients and get work done faster.

on tools like Dubsado, Clickup, Zapier, Google, Calendly, Acuity, & more so you can confidently use your systems.

during your one-on-one systems session we could:

& so much more

So, here's how it all goes down.

book your session

First, you'll book your 2-hour session and make payment to hold your date. You'll be able to share what you'd like to focus on during our session when you book so we can get to work as soon as the session begins.

session day

We'll discuss your challenges, uncover the best solutions and start implementing with systems setup right on the spot.  We'll complete as much implementation as we can in 2-hours.

resource sharing

Once our session is complete, I'll send you an action guide with access to our call recording and action steps so you can further implement and practice what we covered together.


Schedule another systems session to continue implementation or focus on new systems and strategies for your business. You'll find that scheduling multiple sessions as is less expensive than a done-for-you set up or VIP day. PLUS you learn along the way.





The investment is just $697 per session.

Systems Sessions are for service-based entrepreneurs who support other businesses.

Virtual Assistants

Consultants & Educators

Business Coaches


Graphic Designers



& more.


Brand & Web Designers

Business Attorneys

Systems Professionals

Not only did she help me beautify my forms, emails, and workflows -- she also helped me reimagine some of the tasks I was doing manually so that I could free up more of my time for the things that really mattered and make my life all around easier. 

Alicia r.

Working with Krystal was invaluable. We were able to accomplish several workflow issues on my list and get my Dubsado prepared for a new service I'm offering next year. 

Chynna m.

I love knowing that my weaknesses are being taken care of by my automations. My CRM lets me spend my days focused on my strengths - talking to clients, researching their legal issues, and solving their problems!

Katherine d.

this session is for you if:


You want to create processes that wow your clients and save time for you and your team.

You want to enjoy the benefits of organized systems sooner rather than later.

You want an expert to provide clarity and setup on-the-spot.

You want to be a part of the setup process so you can actually learn how the systems work.

You don't offer services and just selling products is your jam.

You want to streamline your entire business in a single session.

You want a hands-off done-for-you systems setup & you don't want to be a part of the magic.

You're not ready to invest in the right systems to save you time.

book your systems session ⟶ 

Frequently Asked Questions

VIP days have been discontinued because I created systems sessions for quicker turnaround times and easy implementation for both you and me.  Systems sessions allow you to get exactly what you need during a session so you can implement immediately.  PLUS, you learn how the systems work throughout the session. It's amazing, really! Look at the rave reviews!

What's the investment?

I sure can.  We can also focus the entire session on just designing workflow materials or focus a portion of your session on design. I can help you design things like welcome guides, landing pages, thank you pages, PDFs, and even pretty Google docs too.

You sure can. Most clients book another session immediately after they've completed a systems session with me to continue implementation or focus on a new system or business process. Booking multiple sessions is less expensive then a done-for-you setup. Plus you get to learn along the way. 

Naturally, We can't organize  everything in your business in just one session so multiple sessions may be needed based on the complexity of your needs. Of course, we'll uncover that complexity during a session because we will be able to map out processes, and uncover  what you need to setup whether you decide to DIY your set up or have me set it up with you during systems sessions. . 

Can I book multiple sessions?

I can help you create, update, elevate, or integrate almost any system from Dubsado and Clickup to Zapier, Flodesk, Google Drive and so many more in between. I can also help you with Calendly, Acuity, Wix, Showit, Squarespace, and tons of Google apps as well so that your systems can work together.  The focus is on helping you achieve your systems and freedom goals during our session(s).

What can you help me with?

Can you help me with design?

The investment for a systems session is $697 but you'll receive a discounted rate of $597 if you're a member of the Organize Your Empire membership community or a past client with a special code.  Book your systems session here. 

What happened to your VIP Days?

The session is 2-hours long and we'll cover as much strategy and implementation as we can.  Some clients use the entire session for strategy, some for implementation, and some use the full two hours for both strategy and implementation.

How long is the session?

"Krystal is a mastermind at what she does. My Dubsado workflows are seamless and help me to focus on the heart of my business. I couldn't have gotten this far without her!" 


"DO IT! Krystal really makes sure there are no holes with in the process! She is a genius at not only creating an amazing workflow that takes the craziness out of your everyday, but she creates some pretty awesome graphics too."


Ya'll the way Krystal snatched up my entire life with this dashboard, GAME-CHANGING! She's one of the industry leaders I respect so much in the systems world because she truly knows what she's talking about! Her expertise and knowledge and craft of business organization is unmatched! This 1:1 workshop was WORTH. EVERY. DIME. 

Qwantel M.

Real Clients. Real Results.

Organize your empire™ today with a systems session!

Friend, you've been struggling alone for far too long. I’m here to give you the answers and shortcuts you need to gain clarity, get organized and kick overwhelm to the curb.

It doesn't matter if the behind-the-scenes of your business feels like a junk drawer or a hot mess express. My one-on-one sessions are designed to help you build and mange your business with ease. From systems to productivity and more, I’ve got you covered.

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